America’s Cult(ure) of Anger and Blame

Years ago I had the pleasure of studying with a very wise rabbi (H.C. Brichto, z”l). Of his many quotes I can remember, this seems to be the most fitting for what underlies recent events in America: “Most people live as though their lives are determined, but it’s the other guy who has free will.”Continue reading “America’s Cult(ure) of Anger and Blame”

Rats leaving a sinking RAT

Oh the pixels and ink that will be consumed over the coming days at the demise of the King Rat presidency. Like so many people across the globe, this writer is amazed at how many Republican legislators are expressing surprise and dismay at how Trump’s…excuse me, King Rat’s presidency is coming to a close. Why?Continue reading “Rats leaving a sinking RAT”

Of Butch Cassidy and Covid Sceptics

At the beginning of the film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, the Sundance Kid is playing poker with a man who accuses him of cheating. They are about to settle it with guns when Butch leans over and whispers a ‘warning’ to Sundance, but deliberately using his moniker. The gambler is noticeably disturbed andContinue reading “Of Butch Cassidy and Covid Sceptics”

A Short Christmas/New Year Thought

It has been a lovely, chilly Christmas day in our part of France. We’ve spoken to our sons and families; and we’ve enjoyed a delicious meal. As I watched the sun set over our little hamlet (left), my mind drifted back to Christmases past. Many of us look back as we approach the end ofContinue reading “A Short Christmas/New Year Thought”

Why Trumpists Are more Dangerous than Trump

I am far from the first person to espouse this belief and I certainly won’t be the last. Time and history will be the adjudicators. Trump, in his own right, is a buffoon; a pudgy, white doughboy. He is nothing without his followers. Trump is also mentally ill, as many psychiatrists and psychologists have writtenContinue reading “Why Trumpists Are more Dangerous than Trump”

Evangelical–a Much Abused Term

As a biblical scholar and ordained minister, I have long been puzzled, and even angered, by the American ‘christians’ abuse of the term ‘evangelical.’ Etymologically, it’s simply wrong. Having studied biblical languages and the languages of surrounding cultures of the period in which the scriptures were written, I have the background and knowledge to backContinue reading “Evangelical–a Much Abused Term”

Tea with Reinhard Heydrich?

About two months ago I posted some thoughts on the above topic on Facebook. Now I would like to expand on them. First, who, you might ask, was Reinhard Heydrich? Heydrich was the poster boy for the Nazi party: Aryan looks, superb violinist, athletic, smart and charming. How did a bright intellectual like him fallContinue reading “Tea with Reinhard Heydrich?”