No Good Deed

What would lead an ordained minister, Kyle Weston (who had survived the Vietnam War), to commit suicide four decades later by hanging himself in the church? And why would he wear a T-Shirt proclaiming Death from Above? Why would he send letters to both his best friend, Rev. Jon Braddock, and his enemies prior to his death, arranging for all of them to find him at the same time? It is these questions and more that Jon Bradford seeks to answer in the wake of losing his best friend. And the journey to find their answers is more unsettling than he could have imagined. No Good Deed examines America’s two great conflicting passions – war and religion – and their interaction over four decades.

“‘No Good Deed’ by Jack N. Lawson is a coming-of-age story wrapped in a mystery. Jon and Kyle were inseparable school chums in the late 60’s, each confident and self-assured. But they were soon pulled apart, Jon becoming a college peace activist and Kyle flying missions in Vietnam. How each ended up where he did is revealed in the first chapter; how they ended up that way is the mystery. There are moments of unforgettable descriptive clarity and uncommon insight into the hearts of two decent people, moments when war experiences, personal betrayals, ecclesiastical hypocrisy, and spiritual turmoil forced course changes and identity changes. Riding these rapids with them, we watch helplessly as one drowns in guilt but we watch joyfully as the other finds wisdom and vocational clarity. An unforgettable read!” 

Rev. Dr. Richard Prust, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“One of the best elements of the novel is its continuously exciting development. The story grips the reader by its extraordinary sequence of events, right up to the final happenings which dominate the second part of the novel. In creating a character of such interest and complexity as Kyle proves to be, Jack Lawson has written a remarkable novel and has opened up for the reader an amazing range of thoughts and questions.” 

Dr. Michael Honeybone, Norwich, England

Published June 1 2020 on Amazon and Wings ePress or Amazon FR.

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