Anger Entertainment

In years to come, thoughtful, truth-seeking people will say “Thank God for Dominion Voting Systems.” Of course, many are saying it now, thanks to Dominion’s defamation lawsuit against Fox News (“News”, in this instance, being a contradiction in terms). Murdoch’s testimony, so far, has made it abundantly clear what the majority of people knew all along: the 2020 election was both free and fair, there was no evidence of the election having been stolen, and that Murdoch and many talking heads at Fox knew these things to be true all along.

So what has Fox News been broadcasting other than “anger entertainment,” aimed, not just at Trump supporters, but particularly at angry, white voters who fear: a “deep state,” peoples of colour, liberals, and anything “foreign”. In fact, all Fox has done is to stoke the fires of anger in these people for years, making them want to attack the nation’s capitol, its defenders, and their neighbours who think differently from them–well, actually, they are against people who think, full stop! Now that their wizards have been revealed as the frauds they are and have always been, Fox junkies will only be angrier–yet where will they vent their anger? One can only guess. And they will probably start a new conspiracy theory: that Murdoch was got at by the “deep state.” (You read it here first.)

Murdoch et al have made it abundantly clear in their texts and emails that they have promoted the Big Lie in order to receive their 30 pieces of silver–a million times over. They have knowingly promulgated lies in order to keep their ratings high and the money pouring in. Happily, they have also made the case for defamation against Dominion much easier to prove, because they knew they were disseminating lies that would be injurious to Dominion Voting Systems. Their mendacity was premeditated. They were not, as some would protest, exercising their First Amendment right. They were, in Oliver Wendell Holmes’ words “falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic,” particularly among those with the mentality which proclaims: “Where we go one, we go all.” We have seen its results on 6 January 2021.

Anger produces cortisol and, for many people, cortisol can become addictive. Fox junkies turn on their favourite “news” channel in order to supply their addiction. They remain in a permanent “fight or flight” state of mind. No wonder they want everyone to carry firearms. Last week I wrote about behaviour which is “diabolical”–a word which comes to us from the Greek, meaning to “divide” or “throw apart.” Murdoch and his employees are the living embodiment of the diabolical. They pander to humanity’s baser, more primitive instincts, and what they offer viewers can only be described as “anger entertainment.”

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