Anger Entertainment

In years to come, thoughtful, truth-seeking people will say “Thank God for Dominion Voting Systems.” Of course, many are saying it now, thanks to Dominion’s defamation lawsuit against Fox News (“News”, in this instance, being a contradiction in terms). Murdoch’s testimony, so far, has made it abundantly clear what the majority of people knew allContinue reading “Anger Entertainment”

Trump and Minions as Διάβολοσ

If the Greek word in the title eluded you, it is transliterated as ‘Diabolos.’ You might recognise it in Spanish as “el Diablo” or “the devil” in English. Those terms might seem a bit trite to some or very appropriate to others, but I want to examine the Greek word for its significance in ourContinue reading “Trump and Minions as Διάβολοσ”

The CURSE of the Were Clergy!

Okay…the title and photo were gimmicks to grab your attention. And yes, the picture is from “The Curse of the Were Rabbit”, so my apologies to the Rev. Clement Hedges. In many ways this is a postscript to my previous blog on the church being the problem with Christianity. Integral to that problem are, ofContinue reading “The CURSE of the Were Clergy!”

The Problem with Christianity…Is the Church

Three years ago my second novel (pictured above) was published. It took a deep dive into the problem leading to the decline of Christianity in the US, which is: the institutional church. For those ‘in the know’, this is trite, but true. Of the many things we were never taught in seminary, we were firstContinue reading “The Problem with Christianity…Is the Church”

I Talk to Animals…They Communicate with Me

My mother liked to recall how, when I was in first grade, I received a low mark on a “test” because I was supposed to put a tick by pictures of animals that could talk. I, of course, ticked all living animals. The “correct” answers were supposed to be only human animals: the guy withContinue reading “I Talk to Animals…They Communicate with Me”

Conversations which Alter our Perception

There was a comedy team fifty years ago which put out an album entitled “Everything You Know Is Wrong.” Have you ever had such a moment (or moments) in your life wherein that seemed to be the case? Perhaps everything you knew wasn’t wrong, but you had your eyes/mind opened to the fact that youContinue reading “Conversations which Alter our Perception”

Of Mind Trash and Human Prejudice

A year or two ago I wrote a blog about ‘whitespeak’–the coded language that white Americans use concerning peoples of colour when they want to see if you (should you happen to be white) are ‘on their side.’ Today I want to reflect on a similar language of prejudice, but in England. In the aboveContinue reading “Of Mind Trash and Human Prejudice”