Rats leaving a sinking RAT

Oh the pixels and ink that will be consumed over the coming days at the demise of the King Rat presidency. Like so many people across the globe, this writer is amazed at how many Republican legislators are expressing surprise and dismay at how Trump’s…excuse me, King Rat’s presidency is coming to a close. Why? He is no different now than when elected and the Republican party were gloating in their victory. “Who cares that we have a narcissist lunatic as our party leader? At least he’s one of us.” And King Rat has been calling on his cult followers to come to DC and disrupt, if not take over, the government for the last few weeks. Now they are all trying to appear rational (finally!) and morally outraged (finally!), but that train has long left the station. Trump is behaving no differently now than he has done all along. Had he lost in 2016–and he was preparing for that by calling the election “rigged”–we would have seen his scumbag army in the streets of DC at that time.

So here we are over a month after the most scrupulous election ever, with King Rat crying foul and telling others to do what he hasn’t the balls to do for himself. In that way, he is the same as all other dictators and bullies–they cajole others to do their dirty work. And all of a sudden Mitch McConnel is saying “Enough!” and Lindsey “Captain Chameleon” Graham is saying “Enough!” And even defeated Georgian senator, Kelly Loeffler, has joined in the public display of moral outrage, along with numerous others. Yes, they are that grasping and so wanting to shine as leaders of what will be left of the Republican party that they will parrot the words of saner, more honest people with the hope of saving their political careers. The anti-Trump Lincoln Project put out ads calling on Republicans to “remember their names” and sadly Republican voters did just that–they remembered their names and voted for them again–except Loeffler lost. But the rest of Trump’s enablers remain in the House and the Senate, still ready to derail the constitution of the United States.

There’s nothing new in the loyal soldiers of a failed leader distancing themselves from their once-adored commander-in-chief. But they are just as susceptible to follow another King Rat. As a resident of France, I have to ask, “Where is Robespierre when we really need him?!”

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