Trump as Pontius Pilate

This topic might not seem so far-fetched as it sounds, once one stops to think about it. Having clearly lost the US election, but still refusing to accept it–because Trump is clinically a narcissist–the president is clearly going to start “breaking things” as his niece has warned. One thing that Trump has already broken is the justice system. The supreme court is stacked with right-wingers and the attorney general seems to be taking on the role that Michael Cohen once held, as Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer. Forget being the chief attorney in America’s constitutional democracy.

Ironically, Cohen–out of all Trump’s cronies–has, for whatever reasons, started telling the truth. He has told the truth about himself and his role as Trump’s fixer, and he has also told the world the truth about the sleaziness of the con-man in the White House.

Here is where it starts to get interesting. With Trump’s pardon of the convicted criminal, Michael Flynn–one of Trump’s many convicted associates–we have our Barabbas. Now I’m NOT saying that Cohen is therefore in the role of Jesus. His only similarity is that both Cohen and Jesus are Jews. But, when it comes to pardons, Trump is not even going to consider pardoning his former right-hand man, who has opted for the truth. Trump will only pardon the likes of Flynn, and any other criminal against the American people and state (who could become witnesses against Trump when he finally vacates the presidency), whereas Cohen–the truth-teller–will have to do time in place of Flynn and Trump’s other mobsters. Cohen has become the Pascal lamb.

As far as history is concerned, Pilate released the wrong guy–but only one! With Pontius Trump we still have seven weeks to see what other travesties of justice await the American people.

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